💥💥BOOM💥💥 I sent an alert to the Premium Subscribers to buy $15 call options on $ATOM last year for $300 and sold mine off for $1,370 today 🤑 I know I might end up regretting not holding on to it but I sure won't regret QUADRUPLING my investment! Now time to reinvest perhaps in $TSLA or $DDD with $SPY at all time highs. GL! 💥🤑💥🤑 With my best FREE call to date on StockTwits being CBAT going from $0.63 to $11.40 or +1700% in just 5 months, I've decided to stop posting my ideas here and just repost my winners instead. You're encouraged to scroll through my profile for more. From now on, please message me at Thomas.Fleurimond@gmail.com if interested on the latest ideas I'm working on. Thank you all, it's been fun! #VisionaryStocks.com
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