@tfox15 @Hungry_Earner yeah there’s a lot man. Trust me I read quite a bit. Chart shit. Read it again. Chart again. Lol. Problem now, Q3ish 2020 to current is the molti-grid. Not as straight-forward and direct as earlier 2020 and 2019. Many of his BEUDS get used and abused for the better of all.
@gr_ @Hungry_Earner 🤷‍♂️ just saying imo basic understanding says Sintx was beat down like a dog to fix it . Previous messages indicate the lower range has been fixed. Mentioned numerous times months ago. 1.20 1.30 1.40-1.56 all have been worked . I have been doing the same as you and studying looking at chart back to study and doing what I can and my best. That said not really sure what the issue is and some messages are not adding up to what I am able to piece together anyway. But like I said don’t mind me I’m just in the corner beating my head on the wall wondering where I am sometimes.
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