$WKHS reposting this comment I found Which I think speaks very favorably about workhorse overall in the long term Even though I am of the strong belief they will be getting if not all a significant portion of the contract 1h ago “IMO, there is too much focus on the short term performance of WKHS, the stock and the company. I really don't care what the stock does over the next 90 days. WKHS has a great niche in the market. TSLA and others are fighting in the big rig space which is fraught with battery range and/or infrastructure challenges. Lordstown, TSLA, and Nikola (sort of) are fighting in the pick-up space. (I like Lordstown in the pick-up space because it's better managed than NKLA and the truck doesn't look horrific). I like Workhorse because Electric delivery vans can use existing technology and don't need a long range. Whether the USPS is ready for an all-electric fleet or not, plenty of shippers will be in the coming months and years.
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