$GNUS Stan Lee’s Post Marvel IP ! ( rights to his name + right to to do licensing merchandising in creating new shows),,,concluded a deal with Marvel (significant one as the Chairman says and he said in November a collaboration news is coming out in near term)… Acquiring marketing and media agency Chizcom (largest media buyer of children’s commercial in North American + bring 100m revenue ~ so ready to see the change in balance sheet)…Shaq (Shaq’s Garage!!! Coming soon + he a significant shareholder)… Arnold (Superhero’s kindergarten coming out soon + significant shareholder)…Young growing company + No debt + Cash Cow 160m+ cash...6-8+ low end 10-15+ high end...a buyout is imminent.. earnings by April 13th will reveal all...charts is set up for a weekly stochastic breakout...buy options for each week and enjoy