$VERB @MissMolly1 whats the purpose of coming onto a site and talking a bunch of sht and bashing a stock? If you think it sucks, then short it and make your money. if there is emptiness or voids in your life, try to fill them. If bashing VERB makes you feel good about yourself, there may be deeper issues. You should be happy that there are fools like me who can make you $$$$. its one thing to have intelligent discussions and share point of view that is Bearish, it’s another thing where you make immature, foolish comments and bring dark energy. I can go F myself, but I’m just being real —- There are better things in life you can do than shed immature behavior on this board. read a book, watch a movie, workout, volunteer/help people in need, play poker, spend time with loved ones, etc. Im sure you aren’t a bad person, but your behavior and antics have you appear as one.