No. Actually what it means is that you don’t know the concept of making plenty of money over time or in a DAY or in a WEEK or in a MONTH and or over years. What the heck do you think happened to my 14000 shares of AAPL after they went 7:1 and then two years later 4:1?? Or my TSLA shares 5:1… What? No one person is successful Trading? Just because you can’t seem to make it doesn’t mean plenty of others don’t. This is a forum to discuss not impress yet you seem to be just angry and desperate to gain attention for all the wrong reasons. I bought F FORD @ $12.68 last week day of their earnings and it’s over $15.34 now… o guess I’m lying 🤥 about that too… Okay.
@thePhenomenon says the guy spreading lies on a public forum to try to impress strangers on the internet. what a joke.... everyone here knows, if you are going to talk how you are talking, a simple screenshot, redacted bolsters your claims... otherwise... it is just...
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