$BB They have partnered for Chen did not charge them. It’s all free. I would partner with them too if I got to use their technology for free. No brainer. Like Facebook using our patents for free. Whatsup has been using our technology for 10 ten years and we signed a deal with Facebook. Did we get a huge settlement, nope nada zero zilch. Financials don’t lie. If we were paid they would have reported.
$BB undercucking valued. Bears will say where's the revenue which is true, but look at all of the top companies in the world that have partnered with us. If you don't think that results in money pouring into the company's pockets at some point, well then I don't know what to say to you. The company has/is continuing to set itself up for a bright future. Technology and the world just needs to catch up. We're almost there!
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