$FCX end 2021/ early 2022 this will be a $18+ stock - may go lower in short term , may go sideways, may go higher - but realize that this company will provide 50% of worlds copper demand ...... if your think the world will never grow again then WTF are you doing on the internet right now---- better move to the mountains and isolate your fam :P lol ---- obviously kidding but the world is going to get through this pandemic and once growth restarts even if the demand for copper goes back to 2013 levels, FCX will generate FCF that dwarfs any other player in the space... place your chips accordingly- - - this is how the wealth will be transferred - could be 6-8-12- 18-24 months but it will happen. Hold your breath, from the disastrous surroundings, and accumulate whenever you can. Cheers and GLTA!
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