$NIO Listen people when you read this and take it as you can. I bought NIO when this was at $1.78. Obviously I'm NOT like most of you. I am holding through earnings because what I believed when I bought at $1.78, hasn't changed. BTW - I have bought as it's moved up the board. Let's be real people. There will have to be some SERIOUSLY big results + SERIOUSLY big forward looking statements to move this thing in the direction everyone is bullish on. Just being the true optimist here. Obviously I want this to crush - but I'm also keeping a level head too. In other words, don't expect to win the lottery if you're investing for a quick flip. Long term, NO F'N BRAINER. However, if there is ANY chink in the armor, it will adjust which is great LT as it's a buying opportunity. Now with all that said: GLTA If you have other questions for me, and why I invested when I did, follow me and DM me if you want.
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