$LCLP 2022 will be a great year for crypto currencies and crypto plays such as $LCLP, $MJWL and $ICOA and I'm proud to be holding in all. I am negative in LCLP and ICOA but it's temporary. I keep adding when I can. I remember when HMBL was TSNP and I bought at .02 and watched it dip to sub .01 and eventually it catapulted North of $2 (pre reverse split as HMBL). My point is, if you want to get in at the bottom (as we are now) you need to have the stomach for the volatility. When $LCLP i trading at 50 cents, $1 you'll say, "OMG I wish I bought more when it was trading at just 2 cents." Well, this is your future speaking. This is your golden opportunity. Here's a SLAP the ask, for anyone who needs it!