$AGEN Dr. Peter yahoo : I asked about funding for rapid and broad 1181 development, Garo said he had raised 130m with the ATM at $6+/share and will finish the year with 250m in cash. “Ain’t enough to take 1181 to the finish line”. This will be done with collaborations. Garo said: “I would be very disappointed if the transaction is not substantially higher than the BMY transaction”. Trying to keep US rights but looking for global co-development (including money and organizational resources). He said he is working with several potential collaborators. My take: I think the most important discussion centered around the partnering of 1181. I came away with the impression that perhaps this would include 500-1B upfront cash and likely milestones which, in my opinion would, mostly likely be achieved, given the performance of 1181 thus far. In addition, we get the “organizational capabilities” of the BP. This is very likely coming IMO (if not it will greatly limit 1181 development)