$SNDL stop sucking the WSB dicks and worrying about wtf they’re doing. They’re crooks. Not interested in the average investor. They’re a scam and blatant market manipulators —— it made sense when they started fucking over hedge funds but they can’t do that forever.. now they’re fucking over the average retailers. Still not over how they popped TLRY which was origanically growing like this stock here and reached $50+ without them. They cause a panic which makes people chase the stock and brings it all the way up but the crash... the crash is terrible. They make millions of bag holders while they secure millions. You don’t think the editors/admin take out huge buys in a stock before they post about it and cause a frenzy? Please. I hate seeing them now. Still bullish here and not letting go of my 0.47 average until I see $6. Will be back in a few months.