$GNUS Here is the chart of GNUS. Had this volatility contraction setup appeared during an uptrend, this would have been the perfect buy. I have been following GNUS for around 2.5years now, seen it's management change, the massive pump and dump etc but all that is of no help. First, earnings! We need to see a considerable improvement in earnings. Ideally a big turnaround is revenue and EPS growth. A consistent improvement over 2 or 3 quarters would be the first trigger to get people interested. 2nd, price action. These pumps and dumps from 1 - 3 and then all the way down to 1 the next day isn't what solid stocks do. GNUS needs to constructively form a base, overhead supply is high which is fine, a solid base above a flattening 50, 150 and 200MA is the next step. IMO GNUS would be an excellent turnaround play if things turn out well. Long way to go, but watching this closely and patiently. Any thoughts? Have a great weekend!