$AIM January 11th, 2021. Again, I am SCREAMING at you, I recommend you buy now! On November 15th, on yahoo, I posted " Ben 168" (double meaning for the 168). On November 24th, the stock closed at $1.68, a 9-month low, and I wrote IT BEGINS on stock twits, just a few hours after that close. Indeed it did begin, as that day marked a 9-month closing low, and it's never gone below that since. On November 30th, I posted a BLUE SKIES vision. that was my second blue skies vision. the first was posted December 1st 2019, 5 days before the all-time closing low on December the 6th. that was the 777 low, the third of three days the closed at a pre-reverse split price of .0007. I SCREAMED AT YOU WILDLY TO BUY AT THAT POINT, ON THE YAHOO BOARD. my visions have very clearly said that $25 minimum is coming. I am SCREAMING at you
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