$ARLO For anyone interested, feel free to make your own judgements regarding the addition of Amy Rothstein to Arlo's Board of Directors. Her profile is public on LinkedIn. She was officially added to Arlo following activist investor Viex Capital Advisors took a stake in ARLO following the stock's plunge in Feb. 2019. Viex is a investment firm that has a strong track record in investing in small cap public companies that are "undervalued". In particular, Viex has a strong track record of helping these companies find buyers that can help expand the reach of these "undervalued" companies. Viex and Arlo reached an agreement to create a new board seat to include Amy Rothstein. She has a strong and focused background in mergers and acquisition. This occurred in May 2019. While smaller hedge funds/investment firms have slowly taken profits following the huge run up at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, the biggest players have done nothing. You can draw your own conclusions.
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