People calling for the death off $ARKK and it's related funds are making a huge mistake. If you are short on companies like $ROKU $TDOC $DKNG and $CRSP since their highs earlier this year, then good on you! You've had a great ride. But if you are choosing to target the fund and it's related companies for short positions now, you are stepping into massive risk. I hope you have done your research, beyond what Cathie's team has done, because when these oversold names clap back, Ark funds are going to absolutely tear faces off.
@thtjy Sorry but you're wrong. Hell, let just look at Will Summerlin. Before joining ARK, Will worked in product management at Lyft. Prior to joining Lyft, he was the Founder and CEO of Pinn AI, where he raised $10 million in venture capital and developed an award-winning AI-powered security platform. Will has served as an advisor to AtYourGate, the leading in-airport delivery company, and to Story Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. Additionally, he has consulted growth-stage startups and large enterprises on strategy, M&A, and product management. Will has been a featured speaker at industry events including the Applied AI Conference, KNOW Identity, Gartner IAM, and Money2020. Zero experience? You are simply wrong and sharing disinformation. Share the actual source. But, either way, I stand by what I said.