$SHIP I sold Friday for about a 10k loss..I really hope tomorrow it pumps, for everyone else’s sake. But if it goes up to .30+ tomorrow, I’m going to be sick! Good luck to y’all.
@Jdeandean @Pja92 I agree with you BUT my thing is having 35k shares and if the ticker move up 1c I will gain 350$, After the RS when my new 2187 shares with the same 1c will gain (about 22$). I’m not a bear and at the moment not a bull either I might be completely wrong looking to hear your thoughts.
@aalsudani @Jdeandean @Pja92 isn’t it a bit ironic though that someone who went big on this stock and lost money can all of a sudden predict the long term success of this company? Share amounts are going from 480M to 30M. The whole point was to avoid being a penny stock. 30M on Wednesday, investors around the world and institutions still holds over 1M in stock with Seanergy, looks like a future with holding for. Besides, why give a company that much money to only take it back? You should have sold the instant you made money instead of being greedy.