$INNT So... Short interest increased in the period between 12/13 and 12/31 by roughly 150,000 shares to 1,827,499. This is about 5% of the shares outstanding. Short interest also doubled since they filed the material definitive agreement on 10/7. There were 965,805 shares reported short on 10/13. Simultaneously, the share price was cut in half. The closing price on 10/7 was $1.02 and on 12/31 it was $0.557. This is a perfect inverse correlation and I can only think of a few reasons why. 1. We are all seriously wrong on our bullish thesis. 2. Reflects short selling by the warrant holders to regain 4.99% ownership compliance (warrants in excess of 4.99% were held in escrow until they were compliant) 3. One last profit grab on the short side pre-merger. 4. Lower market value desired during merger negotiations. I understand there has been more dilution and their cash position is dangerously low, but why so aggressive in the face of what seems like a turning point.
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