$NKLA I have a serious question....I want to short it all the way to 0$. ( which means delisting, fraud scam). How can I cover my short when price hits 0$. ? ( because buying back cost will be 0$) So doesn’t it mean I Don’t pay anything for covering my short? Thx
@tito2020 why noone understands? It’s not real , fake, scam... i ordered semi trucks 2 months ago with fake email... now link deleted. They have nothing real, that’s why all institutional investors left
@noonelivesforeverr you know the process for any company to be in the stock market?! Its almost impossible to be a scam if you got approved for public funds. So being a scam, thats stupid word that bears keep repeating it over and over. Now lets talk about the future, here what it still a question mark because they have too much challenge. But so far, they were successful to convince lot of big investors to buy their stock. For your claim that u used fake acount, I am sorry, I dont believe you because no one will pre-order a truck with $5K down payment with fake account.