$CNAT Still having a hard time with the merger numbers. If I am reading the info correctly, there will be 120M shares outstanding for the new company. There are 33.5M OS of Conatus stock today. There are 23.3M OS of Histogen stock today. Each share of Histogen’s stock before the merger, will automatically be converted into the right to receive 1,483 shares of Conatus’ common stock. This means for sake of calculations, the number of Conatus shares will expand for a brief moment. 23.3M Histogen shares * 1483 = 34.571B Conatus shares. 34.571B (Histogen conversion to Conatus shares) + 33.5M (existing Conatus shares) ---------------------------------------------- = 34.605B total temp Conatus shares. 34.605B shares / 120M new shares = RS of approx 288 to 1. Say current $CNAT SP is 50 cents - a RS of 288 shares down into 1 share would put each share at around 144.00 dollars. I just don't see how this is possible. What am I doing wrong?
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