$ADES This company is not a sexy, but from a novice point of view I like the numbers. macrotrends.net/stocks/char... They could completely be of debt by the end of the year. I believe the debt was from their acquistion in 2018, it started at $50M and that balance has been going down 6M a quarter, and they "only" have $14M of debt remaining. But that isn't what I'm interests me. Prior to that, that $6M was going to stock repurchasing, the rest was to dividends. My hopeful projectin: Worst case, they return to 2018 level revenue. (Half pre corona), They never increased the dividend, even when their revenue increased. So if you care about the dividend, they could still afford to pay dividend they did before of $0.24. EVEN IF they come out of this with their revenue cut in half. For anyone who cares... $0.24 * 4 = $0.96. $0.96/12 = .08. $1 /.08 = 12.5. That is right now... a $60 investment could earn you $1 a month. Or... $6000 / $100/mo. My guess starting again in Q1 2021.
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