@tomengine Tom — Pull it together, man. Ever since Rigel’s EUA was denied you’ve been like a zombie just dropping bash posts at random moments. C’mon man. These treatments still have real chances at near-term commercialization for ARDS, just not on the timeline some of us anticipated. I do have a few questions, though, about Rigel that are troubling me. First, why are they so slow? This is a potentially huge opportunity for fostamatinib, and they are just casually sailing along. WTF? And what the heck is up with the primary and secondary endpoints on their phase 3 trial? It looks like a 6th grader thought those up. They are thin. What’s the strategy there? And what in God’s name has the Imperial College of London been doing over the last year+ to still not have completed the first leg of their trial? It’s open label. If results have been anything like Phase 2 here, why aren’t they advancing the trial more aggressively? Your thoughts would be appreciated.
@JB180 additionally, the only advantage HGEN has ever had here is timing and i think we can both agree they've lost that. but worse is that the FDA is concerned about safety. why is it that a drug that supposedly beneficial doubling the risk of cardiac arrest? literally 3 out of every 100 patients who took lenz had their hearts stop beating and you can look at the resuscitation rates; they are below 10%.