$AAPL I'm not selling one share but we have to look at the reality that's facing this country. This isn't fear mongering, these are facts unfortunately. GDP is -32%. At it's height during the Great Depression GDP was -15%. The real number of jobless is +30Million. We are people lining up for miles for food. Dr. Fachi today confirms that we are going to get slammed for the Fall and Winter with it being more likely that we won't see a vaccine well into 2021 and possible the EOY 2021.He agrees "We are not turning the corner" with 40,000 new cases and over 1,000 deaths per day. People's disposable income is going to be greatly reduced. A DHS whistleblower goes on record that Russia is aggressively attacking our elections and DHS shut him up. Nora Danneh, has resigned suddenly. Summary- This nation is very sick. It's on fire in every way imaginable and it's in no way getting better. We're going to have a very tough next several months and this will reflect in the markets.