Hey @BadAPPLEAlerts @BMTB @Daedalus77 @Killerdolphin @ufnguru Peet is advancing the world of DeFi to allow staking on multiple blockchains and use real world assets as collateral for staking! These are huge deals and are becoming available with PTE. Current ROI for Peet are 6-21% MONTHLY from staking! PTE also seeks to break down barriers of entry and allow anyone anywhere around the world to enter the decentralized finance space to earn optimal returns with cryptocurrency. Liquidity is already added on Uniswap and PTE are available directly with bitcoin or even usd as well! Get ahead with PTE before it goes too mainstream and booms to 100x the price. Peet is truly a DeFi unicorn ready to explode! See the docs page for litepaper, roadmap, and other info all readily available here: peetdecentralized.finance/