$BLSP For new shareholders and potential investors πŸ‘€ at some DD I have compiled recently. My theory key word theory.... BLUE sphere has just updated thier email list. The Dutch government last week updated thier website on the green gas project Sterksel in Holland. This is BLSPs FLAGSHIP project. The 12 year project includes a 151 million subsidy from the Dutch govt. Europe are the leaders in waste to energy. The project is supposed to bring 244 million in revenue. Gas will be sold to Dutch gas wholesaler in the Netherlands GasTerra. Construction beginning in April 2019 for 16 months. HERES THE GOOD STUFF A four month "ramp up period will bring the digester to Capacity! This 20 month period brings us to JANUARY 2021! My theory is BLSPs just started the "ramp up phase or towards the end of this phase and will be emailing investors in the near future! Either way a PR drop could be massive for this stock! DD EVIDENCE, PROOF N PICS WILL BE IN COMMENTS πŸ’ŽπŸ”₯πŸš€πŸ€‘
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