$HOTH initiated preclinical animal testing of the first construct of its HaloVax Self-Assembling Vaccine (SAV) against COVID-19. Voltron will take two different vaccines, with differing sets of targets into preclinical testing, in order to identify the best balance of immune responses for prevention of this pandemic pathogen. HaloVax is being developed in conjunction with Hoth Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOTH). The vaccine is built on a base of a heat shock protein (HSP70) that activates the cellular portion of the immune system; this is different from most other vaccine efforts, which have used adjuvants such as alum. The second portion of the vaccine consists of peptides derived from the COVID-19 virus, which are bound to the heat shock protein via Avidin and Biotin. $INO $MRNA $HTBX $MARK
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