$PTLA I just want to make sure what I heard on the call was clear. SG said that the reason why sales were low in q4 was due to pharmacy budgets? That doesn’t make any sense at all and is simply an excuse. What is really happening is that for the hospitals that PTLA was able to get andexxa on formulary, they are starting to implement restrictions for use. In the real world finance goes to pharmacy and says why are you over your budget, pharmacy says we had 5 bleeds and spent 125k on andexxa, finance accepts this reason for the variance and asks if there is any way to reduce use. To even imply that hospital pharmacies were reducing purchasing to meet year end budget just demonstrates how out of touch this management team really is. Pricing an inpatient drug at 28k is absurd and has created an army of hospital administrators to force valid reasons to add to formulary
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