$PTLA what’s left to short? Obviously PTLA has been heavily shorted and for good reasons. I believe this stock has been heavily manipulated by short sellers over the last few years. My question is what is left to short? Let’s give a doom and gloom scenario here, PTLA sells $30 M a quarter in 2020 and the company continues a stupid cash burn. At that point the company has significant amount of inventory on hand and a patent. There are plenty of pharma companies that would be willing to pay for andexxa and who frankly would price it correctly and make it a decent asset. The question is what’s that number? I can’t see this company selling for less than $1B even if they only pull in $120M in 2020. Reason I bring this up is what is the downside risk on this stock? Is it $14 a share? No way this company goes to zero. The drug and patent is just too valuable.
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