Traderfirstyear-(17h) Note on China's Shift Away from Fixed Asset Investments & Export Growth to Domestic Demand & Consumption lead Growth. I would like to connect this to the shift away from; (1.) Export Platform 1980 (MFN)-2021 To (2.) Global Engine of Growth (2021-2030?) Will tie this all into my suggested Consumption Tax, US Twin Deficits, and Re-Alignment of Global Current Account Balances National Savings & Impact on Growth & Current Account 21st Century Solutions to enhance or increase productivity. I am merely making the argument we need to move away from consumption & into higher savings/investments. US National Savings Households 1.298 Trillion Corporation 529.1 Billion Government - 1.211.5 Trillion Why does this matter - Shifts in Global Current Account Imbalances from 2020 to 2030 will allow the US to make a decision or choice to consumer less & save more - Reduce dependence on foreign capital