Traderfirstyear - (bonus) Email from 2017 took three years for the full forecast (thought) to develop, but the two choices remain the same. Despite the significant cost I'm actually in favor of Choice #1. Some of the reasons are benefits to US Dollar Networking Externalities (plain speak means US Dollar stays King Currency) & Maintaining Bretton Woods Alliances. All things which would help mitigate any negative impact on demand for US Dollar Assets if foreigners become unwilling (not highly likely but never know) to finance our growing Current Account Deficit. In 2025 the debt crises blows up (due to demographics & our aging society), so going towards #2 is more isolationist, which could retard capital flow necessary to pay for entitlements & interest on the debt. In other words pulling back from our position as a Global Leader & maintaining US Sphere of influence. It affects the markets in the long run, but also increases the risk of World War. Just IMO