Tradderfirstyear - Quick Investment Note & Theme of US leaving Syria & relating it to the 1971 evacuation of the British in the Middle East. The video is from 1974 with the Shah of Iran. The battle for the Middle East was filled by the US & Russia, so here we are again in 2020. We know China, Russia, and Iran are likely to step in to the fill the void the US leaves. How will it impact the next decade 2020 to 2030? There will be a lot of unintended consequences so who knows. What happened 5 years after the British left the Middle East in 1976 they needed a loan from the IMF, so why aren't we (US) taking a lesson in history? Just don't get it given 2025 demographic time bomb etc. Shah of Iran interviewed on various topics, including: his country's prosperity; the UK's possible oil prosperity & current crisis; how the UK doesn't work hard enough. Date: 28/01/1974