Traderfirstyear - (6 of ?) Investment Note on the differences between the US Recession of 2007 and the current Recession of 2020 The Twin Deficit (Focusing on the Financing Needed to keep the US Economy Chugging along) There is two-portion as part of the 2020 Recession I'm going to focus on the consumption aspects (and dissavings at the Federal Level.) If you have followed me you know I'm am a strong advocate for investments in human capital (labor pool), research, and infrastructure, which has to be paid for. You will also note, I'm a strong Millenial (advocate), so I tend to point out solutions for the rapid rise in Health Spending attached to the Mandatory Spending Programs (Social Security & Medicare.) These are set up as intergenerational transfer programs. I also think the US needs to increase its national savings rate by reducing consumption (slightly or gradually over time) Mandatory Spending & Defense are Government Spending on Consumption = Less Investments