Traderfirstyear - (9 of ?) Investment Note on the differences between the US Recession of 2007 and the current Recession of 2020 Now let's go back to the current Administrations Policy and the impact of being too reliant on the US Federal Reserve The issue with the US Economies' inability to make the adjustment needed is highly dependent on Policies in the Rest of the World. Here is my theory on the runway liquidity Driven US Equity Market (into a slowing global and domestic economy and WHY IT WILL ALL END IN DISASTER) It's pretty simple, I think Sovereign Wealth Funds (In Asia are driving up the value of the US Domestic Equity market, in particular, this is me just guessing, but i think it's Saudia Arabia, Arab Emirates, Singapore, & SWF backing the current incumbent. I also think the Federal Reserves QE Lite in October is clearly adding fuel to the fire Shrinking Trade Deficit (means less money is needed to flow in) US is also at the mercy of large surplus inflow (EU & Japan)