Traderfirstyear - (Part 2 of 2) Apple Trade Buy Write is back on as the meltdown will be within at least 90 days. This trade is good until May, which is the next ex-div date. Trade Idea - Sell $AAPL Deep in the Money Calls at Strike of $280 with a contract expiration date of 1/15/2021 Hypothetically you're an institution that bought the stock 5 years ago and has a healthy profit. You're willing to part with the shares at $280 dollars a worst case. However, you want to fund a larger leveraged short against the broader market. You collect 722,400 in premium, which is a fraction of your notional risk, which is 3,912,000 (based on today's prices) - You have no problem locking a 200% profit on Apple if your shares sell at $280 dollars Your break-even 340.00 a share on $AAPL anything below this price your short (write) is profitable. Collect the Premium today and build a 700k Put portfolio on $SPY, $DIA, $QQQ Perpetuity Run Up in Equities is About to END