Traderfirstyear - (1 of 2) Investment Note - Why the current 2 Vote Upper House in the Senate Harms the entire US Economy and makes Democracy less effective. This is a major economic issue given the Pandemic and the need for a QUICK US RECOVERY. Common Sense Solutions Require just basic analytical skills. We have a 21 Trillion Dollar Economy, which is made up of 14.5 Trillion Dollars of Personal Consumption Expenditure. A little over 6.3 Trillion of this Consumption Comes from 6 States (Yes 6 states), so why is it so hard to get Stimulus passed to these 6 States? $SPY $DIA $QQQ $VIX
@Kxbusul the problem with your logic assuming you don't live in one of these states due to federal government transfer payments assuming you do not live in one of these six you have probably receive sort of government transfer payment from one of them. The facts around who pays what again favors the largest most economically powerful and productive states. The largest 6 states economically pay 43% of all Federal Income Taxes, which is the main source of Federal Government Funding. It would be nice if Senators in states, which don't pay their fair/share or contribute as much to economic growth and Federal Taxes to fund generous transfer payments. Data and Facts matter, so not sure how this is even allowed to happen.