$VXRT Picked up 2000 shares at 7.43 before close! This is way oversold. Successful phase 1 results for a new disruptive technology and the share price dropped like it would have if they failed to meet primary endpoints!! 🙏 thank you!! For those of you that cannot connect the dots, they didn't hire all these manufacturing positions and acquire these manufacturing partners just for the covid pill. There's something bigger at play here. "The Rapid Pandemic Response Platform" . And they announced the ability to create mucosal antibodies which is what their whole platform is based upon, what did you guys expect? That the P1 trial intended to determine correct dosing was blindly dosed properly to begin with? They were dosing hamsters and got it right, now they know the right strength to move further trials with humans. They literally said they aim to get 100% antibody response on upcoming trials! Focus on what matters..