$DRMA many sour traders and I feel bad for those who took the L. As it came to surprise to everyone including myself yesterday pre-market, great news came out. The exact news we were expecting, BUT – if market sentiment was great this would've halted up into circuit break like it did just approx 2 weeks ago bc history does repeat itself HOWEVER news did not affect the stock as there was big selling and it went downward. IDea: THIS is where you must re-evalutate and not choose "hope" as a plan. I had posted as soon as the news came out (was awake early morning by chance). As soon as I saw the sells on lvl II, I made a quick decision to sell my amount of shares which were not more than 5-7K (as I knew I didn't want to risk too much in this bearish market) at $5. Did not really take any profit or loss on this. Not all of the trades go as planned. Sometimes you have to make adjustments based on general market sentiment. I will re-look, but the $3s are firesales. May re-enter this week.