$GLBS I hate those freaking hedge fund trying to manipulate stocks and then dump for their $$$ sake. People may commit suicide because of this non sense pump.
@MarketPointer Dude stop! You're sounding and acting like a fly on shit. This thing gets a nice little run up from having good news, and here you show up acting all "helpful" and pretending you have everyone's best interest in mind. What are you a paid basher? Or do you have a short position? Lol. I don't think there's any new light you can show us that we don't already know. If you're shorting this, then just be honest and say you're shorting it. I don't think any longs or bulls really care cause we all know the risk of Globus. So please do us a favor and just STFU...you're littering up the board with shit that no one really wants to read.
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