$NVCN my .02 and why I hope they announce favorable long term financing before reducer submission. I posted this I a conversation this morning. So I think the thing that is holding the SP back is the question of financing. It’s keeping everyone on the sideline.... why invest more when there maybe a offering or if he has by no choice to do a less than desirable dilution based financing. They need something for long term not this small 11 m financing. Especially if it’s going to take a year for reducer now ( according to Fred’s timeline but I think he’s over exaggerating that number). Once everyone can feel comfortable that they are good on money for a bit and not this .... we need money soon in ever ER, I think people will start investing on the speculation of approval dates. Until then there is the possibility of it dropping on bad financing and MMS and most Longs have now come to a stand by and watch.
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