$IBIO Our ST thread last night, about how iBio has hired Steptoe and Johnson to lobby for them, suggests that iBio has almost certainly secured excellent pre-clinical data. These lawyers will be able to present to DARPA a solid case that IBIO-200 should be funded. stocktwits.com/triatoma/mes... Most of current leading vaccines are showing problems. iBio is a US company. Funding shouldn't be going to a UK vaccine that doesn't even work. Moderna's results are not looking so good. Both Moderna and Inovio are using new technology, which will present new problems to solve. Not so with iBio's VLP candidate. Their glycan engineering is able to produce very uniformly sized particles. I think they've also perfected the antigen-presenting surface protein-making process. Plus, iBio can make 500 million doses a year, which tells us they know the dose. And they can make it themselves. If iBio gets funding, it will be because the data that BARDA sees is very good.
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