$IBIO After 500,000 deaths, WHO warns worst of coronavirus pandemic is "yet to come" cbsnews.com/news/coronaviru... TAMUS will be getting the mouse pre-clinical data in mid-July. IBIO-200 is ahead of IBIO-201, so 201's data will probably come after that. Isett will not do science by PR, like Moderna does. So I expect they'll publish their data and then, simultaneously issue the PR. It will be BIG. Solid and supportable, and peer-reviewed. Predictions: Warp Speed will fund primate studies for iBio, just like they did for Vaxart. VLP tech is tried and true, not experimental. And, critically, VLPs often produce long immune memory. The government will throw money into iBio, to secure a top line VLP candidate in their mix of vaccines. Double digits are coming within weeks. iBio can make enough vaccine for the entire US, with doses to spare. And they can make it cheaper and faster, too.
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