$IBIO @Patientinvestor20 I follow iBio closely. What you see has nothing to do with where Isett is leading iBio. Look closely. Read the backgrounds of his new BoD people. He is filling in areas that iBio needs. We are heading for FDA product registrations. He is hell-bent on doing it. Funding or not, Isett is going for a massive product line. IBIO will be a huge company in a year or two or three. Gains, from this tiny market cap, will be hugely significant: life changing, retirement-allowing. If you are reading this, and you do not buy, hold, and ignore all the price action, you will be sorry someday. You can tell your grandchildren that you bought iBio when it was $2 and sold when it hit $4, when the price is at $400. That price will happen. If you doubt it, look at what Isett has done, is doing, and where he wants iBio to go. But you'll suffer anguish along the way, as it is not easy to hold through all the vicious price swings. I'm not even sure I can.
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