$IBIO If: 1. The viral variants keep spreading, mutating, and start beating the vaccines, and .. 2. we don't get funding, then .. 3. we have a problem. It would cost upwards of $2 billion to get all the clinical trials and data analysis, with NO guarantee of FDA approval, which would .. 4. force the company to dilute, massively, to get capital, unless there was another way. - 5. Another way could be that IBio, once data analysis is done, licenses the product to another, really large pharma. 6. Because iBio has put in a year's worth of work into this, has tox and data analysis done (looking ahead to that date), and that this vaccine could well be THE vaccine, then.. 7. How much would a big pharma pay to take it over? 8. What would the licensing and royalties amount to, and what would they do to iBio's balance sheet? 9. Who do you think would make it? 10. What would happen to iBio's stock price and ability to develop 100 and the oncology candidates? -- No matter what, iBio will win!