$CCIV I think there are confusion. The merger value Lucid at $11.75B at $10 a share. Because lucid is getting $4.4B, the combined company will be valued at $16B at $10 a share. $16B/$10=X/$15(PIPE) price; X =24B. This is where the $24B came from and cause confusion. Typically PIPE pays $10 a share but in this case, PIPE paid $15/share.PIPE is paying more than TRUST $10 the true value of lucid is $11.75B and not $24B. The combined company is valued at $16B. PIPE paying $15 valuing $24B. It is like those people who pay CCIV at $40 is valuing the combined company at $64B. Based on this calculation CCIV share price of $68 would equal to a valuation of $80B which is currently NIO valuation. I have always believe that Lucid is better than NIO. In conclusion, don’t let the confusion in reading the article cause you to miss an opportunity. I will buy more on the dip tomorrow with the confusions from other traders. I have 40,000 shares and be happy to add more in the low $40s.