$OPEN interesting commentary on iBuying/Opendoor in today’s Motley Fool Money episode. Quick notes: - Host mentions he admires Lennar ($LEN) because of their stake in technology real estate companies - like Opendoor. Likes the idea of homebuilders being less land heavy and having the ability to generate returns on investment capital - “I need you to cure me of something. When I hear the term ‘ibuying’ - unfortunately I think of Zillow and the debacle” - Was bullish on the potential for iBuying until the Zillow debacle - Recognizes Opendoor is a pure play iBuyer though. Suggests that maybe this will give Opendoor a better chance at succeeding - Likes Lennar because by buying it, you also get exposure into iBuying Link: podcasts.apple.com/ca/podca... Convo is from 7:25 to 9:50