$GSAT I was already all in, so couldn't average down this week.. You ever have a GF who manipulated you all of the time?, that's how I feel trading sometimes-- w/ shorts & options expiring today - we were manipulated like crazy.... I have no doubt MM pocketed tons of profits this week. Entire market is one huge algorithm and Hedge Funds manipulate it at will, unfortunately too many RH's sale for a loss, don't put limit orders so their shares can't be borrowed, or aren't patient enough to force SP up (like reddit users did for gamestop - if that happened more - Makers would stop some of their BS). Cycle will start again on news and MM will once again short this & many others... We as retail investors need to learn to recognize the patterns and HOLD with us taking our fair share of profits... Sad thing is RH is owned by Hedge Funds and they share users positions w/ them - giving them a huge advantage. SEC needs to change the rules, that should be illegal. GLTA