$TNDM People of this board need to familiarize themselves with the term "Industry disruption" then realize where this company currently is in that process. People also need to realize that everyone has a different timeline/scale of investment, which means all different types of investors/traders strategies are at play here. This is a great long term hold. This hasn't made money as a buy and hold for 8 months - so swing traders make money too This overextends in a relatively predictable fashion and retraces all the time - sell calls/buy puts - both make money. Why go after longs if its going down, why go after shorts if its going up. Sounds like emotional trading at its best. Just follow the money, know with equities that Fundamentals change the short term TA range all the times. And there is a big fundamental change on the horizon. Rant over - this board sounds like a elementary school playground sometimes
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