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    Ty Johnson Joined Jul 07, 2011

    I'm just trying to see how big I can get this $100 bday check from Nana.


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      Jerremy Newsome
      CEO of I LOVE life and have copious amount of interests. One could call me a 'Jerremy of all Trades'
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      I Weed Stocks
      Time to capitalize on decades of failed prohibition. i Weed Stocks is dedicated to helping educate everyone about the marijuana industry's positive influence on society. Subscribe for the latest industry trends.
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      David Stendahl Official Account
      I focus on trading the global futures markets from a 100% systematic perspective. Tweets are commentary only. Trade at your own risk and analysis.
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      Byronic Capital © 2016
      I. keep it simple II. analyze and forecast III. do not doubt oneself IV. enter before the mass V. be patient VI. do not fall in love with a stock ▪ all comments and predictions are to be taken entirely as OPINIONS
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      Full Time Trader .
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      I started a 5k to 1 million dollars challenge, the goal is to talk about every trade & learn from it. You can follow me on ST, Twitter and Youtube. Just search for FaisamTrader, it will be an excited ride were we will learn together. Wish me luck. :)
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      Old Turkey
      Read the Reminiscences of a Stock Operator before talking to me. My twits are my and my dog (RIP Nov. 2015) opinions, not advice. I am often wrong and I love it. PS: I DO NOT short single stocks and I do not answer 3x ETFs questions.
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      Mike "Livermore"
      I don't read news, I read Charts.... I don't listen to tips, I listen to the Market. Don't blame me if I made you do it :)
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      Safirah Logan
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      Patrone Doss
      28 swing trader day trader. bipolar and mild autism. work from home and help elderly parents. havent had girl friend in 5 years. not many friends except the market. pretty good trader. good in spurts.
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      Trading Volatility
      Signal-based trading of volatility Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) including XIV, VXX, UVXY, TVIX, ZIV, and VXZ.
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      Trends Investing Official Account
      To see all trend alerts visit
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      Dan Smith
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      Robert Alexander
      Robert Alexander, better known as ‘Alex’ in trading forums, has been a full time trader for over a decade. Focusing on breakouts and volume, developing a unique view of charting that has served him extremely well.
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      BTCS Inc
      BTCS Inc. is an early mover in the blockchain and digital currency ecosystems and the first “Pure Play” U.S. public company focused on blockchain technologies
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      Blowhard Capital LLC
      Trade the reality that is, not what you want it to be. Holder of something that begins with a C and ends with an FA. If my posts have been helpful to you, please consider buying me a coffee at the link below😊 Thanks for your support!
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      $$$ makes my eyes bling bling lol. For now, just following big cap stocks and invest/trade conservatively. Good luck to all you guys, may this year more prosperous than the last.
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      Real Estate Broker and also own a factoring company that buys invoices from apartment locators in Houston, Dallas, and the San Antonio area.
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      frankie red
      "Trading is a waiting game. You sit and wait and make a lot of money all at once." -DiMaria
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      Calvin Bebermeyer
      just working. planning to retire someday. BS in CmpSci from MU engineering college.