$VKTX $MDGL olso. This quarter have glmd data
$VKTX $MDGL Been trying to add under $80 and I seem to miss the days it went under. my Average is $85. VKTX options are very interesting and look decently cheap. Readouts from MDGL will also be positive for VKTX since they are both in the same camp but VKTX slipped further behind due to the pandemic. MDGL will be first to market if everything continues as it is. A win by MDGL should be negative for VKTX but I don't think so. In fact I think it helps VKTX in the short and long term. I would say MDGL will be paving the way. A MDGL win solidifies the VKTX path. The question then becomes how far is VKTX behind MDGL. So MDGL will have no competition until VKTX's drug becomes available. If my reading is correct, VKTX's VK2809 is slightly better than MDGL's MGL-3196 (Caveat VKTX's is not biopsy confirmed) and that may be a differentiator later. ST target 3-6 mon MDGL $160, VKTX $10 (Sorry but(t). I had to pull that one out. long Term target: da Moon.
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