$ACST follow the smart money (check 13F/13D filings)..some of the top institutional funds are in $ACST. They recently increased their holdings ! All these impatient comments here are only helping Shorts. They can give you a fake rally like they did a couple of days ago, and then take it away. Most retails will then sell at the first sight they see a 10% delta, and have their shares stolen for cheap. If you are looking for 200-400% gains, you have to have conviction in your DD. otherwise, sell now - get your nice 15% profits and have regrets for the rest of your life. Just think about the huge potential of $ACST market size - for instance, check the BBC article that came out today bbc.com/future/article/2020... I can bet that any one (most of us > 42 yrs) who is prescribed Statin would want to try $ACST. $ACST according to existing data is the best in class ! In conclusion, show your faith in the company otherwise you are just helping shorts planning their next raid!
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